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IGBY International Ministries

IGBY International Ministries

IGBY is an Acronym that stands for, “I GO BEFORE YOU.”

After Moses' death, God spoke to Joshua and said to him in Deuteronomy that He would go before him and would be with him, but that he must not be afraid and to take courage! Here is that verse:

Deuteronomy 31:8 “The Lord himself goes before you and will be with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you. Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged.”
Joshua accepted God's divine charge. He knew that the path ahead would be fraught with peril, for the land of Canaan was not easily won. The inhabitants of this land were not merely adversaries; they were steeped in wickedness and evil. Their cities were fortified bastions of sin, their hearts hardened against the ways of God.
Joshua knew that to claim the promised land, he must confront not only their armies but also the spiritual strongholds that held them captive, to tear down their high places, adorned with altars of pagan worship standing as monuments to their defiance against the one true God.

Joshua led God’s people into battle. They fought not only against flesh and blood but against the principalities of darkness that had ensnared the souls of their enemies and one by one, the cities fell, their walls crumbling beneath the might of God's righteous judgment as Joshua ordered their destruction, tearing down the altars and smashing the idols that had poisoned the hearts of the people.


As we read the amazing story of Joshua, we realize it's not just a tale of the past. No, it's a mirror reflecting our own modern-day spiritual state where the world is besieged by darkness and temptation, a world where the enemy boasts of their pagan practices.

IGBY International Ministries is called to confront these modern-day adversaries with unwavering resolve, to be fearless warriors of truth, boldly proclaiming victory in the name of our Savior! To tear down the strongholds of deception and lead people to the Promised Land of freedom and salvation found in Jesus Christ.

But fear not, for just as God promised to go before Joshua, He promises to go before you and I!

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