Mystery of the Third Temple with Mondo Gonzales


Today, Zach Drew and Josh Peck welcome host of the hit show Prophecy Watchers, Mondo Gonzales, to discuss his new book, The Red Heifer Ritual: The Last Piece of the Third Temple Puzzle.

Joel Richardson: Sinai to Zion


Today we welcome New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson to talk about his book Sinai to Zion. In this amazing interview, Joel tells us how and where Jesus will return and provides fascinating insights into Mt. Sinai, leviathan, the sign of the Son of Man, and much more!

Andrew Bellers: 5 Years of Ministry


Today we honor our very good friend Andrew Bellers and his time at IGBY International Ministries. Andrew may be leaving, but his contributions will always be appreciated. God bless you on all your future endeavors, Andrew!

Voting Democrat & the Progressive Church are Anti-God


Voting Democrat & the Progressive Church are Anti-God - Zach Drew Show

The platform of the Democratic party stands strongly against the principles of God’s word. To vote Democrat in 2020 is to vote for socialism (which is theft), communism (which is slavery), and abortion (which is murder). 

Kanye West, Revival, & Prophecy


One of the biggest trending topics this week was the release of the famous rapper, Kanye West’s new album, “Jesus is King,” and it has been sending shock waves through the Christian community. How should we, as the body of Christ, be responding to Kanye’s recent proclamation of faith?

This is the VISION – Where is this Ministry Going?


This is the VISION - Where is this Ministry Going? - Zach Drew Show

This week has been a week of reflection for me — a time of remembering what the Lord has done. I have been going back in my mind and visiting the memorial stones of my Life, where GOD moved mightily, to encourage myself in the Lord.