Codifying Roe V. Wade & Latest Marxist News


On today’s show we’re going to be covering the most important news of the week, including Biden’s promise to codify Roe V. Wade into law and what that means, as well as the latest marxist articles.

Terrorists Sit on the Supreme Court


When you think about the idea of terrorist attacks, your mind probably flashes images of the world trade towers or the horrific videos seared into your mind from ISIS. And that is an appropriate association.

But, the greatest acts of terror that have taken place within the borders of this country, the USA, have actually been committed by the Supreme Court.

Christians Have Been Suckered on Abortion


Christians Have Been Suckered on Abortion. (Judgement) - Zach Drew Show
Episode Description: SB13, the bill proposed in Oklahoma to criminalize abortion, was not heard because not enough people came out in support for it. The church has become weak, and Christians are not using their ... Read More