This Hidden 1969 Document Exposes Everything – Part 2


Today, Zach Drew and Josh Peck return to speak more about the rampant evil of various wings of the depopulation agenda. There are many tentacles to the beast and no stone is left uncovered. Who are the players and what are they planning for the future of humanity?

Woke-Controlled Food Distribution & Jab-Triggered Deadly Meat Allergy


Did you know that the vast majority of food in grocery stores is owned by just a few large corporations? How about the fact that these corporations consistently push woke, leftist ideologies? Even more, were you aware that there is evidence suggesting the government is using our food and even bioweaponry to genetically alter human beings to be intolerant to meat?

Climate, Israel & The Great Tribulation

Zach Drew

On this show we cover the latest news with the climate agenda, and a recent vote in the UN concerning Israel and how it relates to end times.