Why Banning TIKTOK is *NOT* a Good Idea


The House of Representatives passed allowing the government to ban social media platforms from the internet. What could possibly go wrong?

BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW! COVID-19 NC University Bioweapon!


BOMBSHELL INTERVIEW! COVID-19 NC University Bioweapon! - Zach Drew Show

we will be sharing the absolute bombshell interview of the year! The video is of Dr. Francis Boyle, the head professor of international law at the University of Illinois, and author of the biological weapons anti-terrorism act of 1989.

How YOU prepare for the COVID-19 Pandemic


Most Americans have lost interest in the growing COVID-19 pandemic, but as we will be discussing on today’s show, the situation in America is much more serious than we even know.

Over five thousand people are on self-quarantine in California alone, and another Harvard professor has come out this week and said he believes 40% to 70% of all living people may become infected with the virus this year.

Trump Considering Social Credit Score


Trump Considering Social Credit Score - Zach Drew Show

The Trump administration is considering a social credit-style program that would partner with Big Tech to determine whether or not an individual can own a gun. In other words, they would spy on private conversations and closely monitor user behavior to strip Americans of their fundamental rights. This sounds dangerously similar to the social credit system that has been established in China.