Woke-Controlled Food Distribution & Jab-Triggered Deadly Meat Allergy


Did you know that the vast majority of food in grocery stores is owned by just a few large corporations? How about the fact that these corporations consistently push woke, leftist ideologies? Even more, were you aware that there is evidence suggesting the government is using our food and even bioweaponry to genetically alter human beings to be intolerant to meat?

Climate, Israel & The Great Tribulation

Zach Drew

On this show we cover the latest news with the climate agenda, and a recent vote in the UN concerning Israel and how it relates to end times.

Radical Implications of a Biden Emergency Declaration


This week it was reported that President Biden is considering declaring a national emergency regarding climate change. Such a declaration would give him an overwhelming arsenal of executive power.

The German Parallel: We Must be Ready Now!


As we trek closer to the end of history prophesied in the holy word of God, keeping our eyes trained for signs of Jesus’ return, we see a striking parallel between the hyperinflation of 1920’s Germany and modern day America.

Great Reset Begins: Don’t Sell the Farm!

Zach Drew

On today’s show, we are going to be covering the latest news related to the Great Reset, how it could soon affect all of us, and how this is all related to end-times events.

GOOGLE’s Officially Out of Control!


GOOGLE’s Officially Out of Control! - Zach Drew Show

Would you believe me if I told you Google is already implanting ideas into people’s subconscious by the millions without their knowledge right NOW in America? If you don’t believe me, you just may after watching this video.

False Climate Change & the 2030 Agenda


In light of the recent UN Climate Change Summit in New York, we revisit the 17 goals of the UN’s Agenda 2030. 

This Agenda was created in 2015, and it outlines the left’s blueprint for total world governance. And what is the justification for this totalitarian takeover, which rails against the sovereignty of every nation? You guessed it … the world is “ending” because of man-made climate change.

Election 2020: Climate Change & The LGBT+


Election 2020: Climate Change & The LGBT+ - Zach Drew Show

The left is using the climate change agenda to spearhead their assault on democracy, in their socialistic quest to govern every aspect of your life. This type of climate fear-mongering is being used to justify everything from population control by means of abortion, to the regulation of what kind of food you can eat. Why would a group of people actually WANT to weaken America?