Should You Pull Your Money Now?

Zach Drew

We will be discussing the current work that is being done to establish a digital US Dollar, that will eventually make cash obsolete.

KAIROS: The Global Surveillance State


Powerful global entities like the WEF and the UN are cracking down on ideas that they don’t like, advocating for an AI surveillance state.

The New Definition of White Supremacy


How can our intelligence agencies and Joe Biden say that white supremacy is the greatest threat to our national security? It doesn’t make sense until you realize they are using Critical Race Theory’s new definition of white supremacy.

The German Parallel: We Must be Ready Now!


As we trek closer to the end of history prophesied in the holy word of God, keeping our eyes trained for signs of Jesus’ return, we see a striking parallel between the hyperinflation of 1920’s Germany and modern day America.

Latest Marxist News: UBI & Reparations


On today’s show we are covering some of the most unbelievable Marxist articles from the week, including Oakland California’s new universal basic income program, and Evanston Illinois providing reparations.