Lost Prophetic Jewish Festivals Explained


Today, Josh Peck talks about additional Jewish festivals that are outlined in the Dead Sea Scrolls but are not explicitly revealed in the Bible. What are these festivals and do they have prophetic significance?

Mystery of the Third Temple with Mondo Gonzales


Today, Zach Drew and Josh Peck welcome host of the hit show Prophecy Watchers, Mondo Gonzales, to discuss his new book, The Red Heifer Ritual: The Last Piece of the Third Temple Puzzle.

Joel Richardson: Sinai to Zion


Today we welcome New York Times best-selling author Joel Richardson to talk about his book Sinai to Zion. In this amazing interview, Joel tells us how and where Jesus will return and provides fascinating insights into Mt. Sinai, leviathan, the sign of the Son of Man, and much more!

Climate, Israel & The Great Tribulation

Zach Drew

On this show we cover the latest news with the climate agenda, and a recent vote in the UN concerning Israel and how it relates to end times.

Deuteronomy 28: Has God Cursed America?


The equation is simple: if you honor God, you will be blessed, but if you reject God, you will be cursed. That is what Deuteronomy 28 says.