RESTRICT: The Patriot Act 2.0


There has been a lot of talk about a TikTok recently, which has led to the introduction of a radical bill that is like the Patriot Act 2.0.

KAIROS: The Global Surveillance State


Powerful global entities like the WEF and the UN are cracking down on ideas that they don’t like, advocating for an AI surveillance state.

VR Contacts & the Eerie Predictions of Secular TV


Will smartphones one day be replaced with augmented reality contact lenses? That may sound far-fetched, but remember, our modern smartphones would have been considered science fiction only a few decades ago.

Metaverse: The World of Tomorrow

Zach Drew

The tech elites of the world are working diligently to create a new reality for all of us to live in — a reality where you can be anything and anyone you want, where you can go anywhere you please … but at what cost?

End Times: Merging of Psychedelics & Technology


Some of the biggest leaders in the tech world are at the forefront of a psychedelics renaissance — pushing for the use of DMT, Psilocybin, and LSD for a wide range of things: unlocking creativity, spiritual “enlightenment”, and the treatment of mental disorders.

GOOGLE’s Officially Out of Control!


GOOGLE’s Officially Out of Control! - Zach Drew Show

Would you believe me if I told you Google is already implanting ideas into people’s subconscious by the millions without their knowledge right NOW in America? If you don’t believe me, you just may after watching this video.