A Dark Winter is Coming: Rolling Blackouts


Episode Description:

We are in the midst of an energy and food crisis. It has not likely hit your table or your power bill in full effect, but it is coming, and you need to be prepared.

The banks and the globalist politicians are bowing to their false god of “Mother Earth” as they wreak havoc on the energy market with their destructive “green” policies. Of course, the climate agenda is only a Trojan horse by which they will administer socialism to the nations.

Meanwhile Biden’s Inflation Reduction Act is choking the agriculture market, even in the midst of the worst megadrought to hit America in 1,200 years. Famines are slated all across the globe to the delight of the fascistic globalist elite who are preying on the downfall of the old world order.

Now is the time to be prepared physically, but most importantly, spiritually.

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