Christians Have Been Suckered on Abortion


Christians Have Been Suckered on Abortion. (Judgement) - Zach Drew Show

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SB13, the bill proposed in Oklahoma to criminalize abortion, was not heard because not enough people came out in support for it.

The church has become weak, and Christians are not using their voice.

Instead, they will likely pass SB195 which is a trigger law that will only go into effect if Roe V. Wade is overturned in the Supreme Court. SB195 is a cowardly response and will do nothing to end abortion today.

Even bills like the heartbeat law are easily bypassed and will do little to save innocent lives.

Tony Lauinger, the VP of the National Right to Life, stood beside Planned Parenthood supporters in opposition to SB13, showing that the pro-life industry is not interested in ending abortion.

Christians have been deceived by the pro-life movement, and it’s time for us to wake up.

All six of the Democrat U.S. senators running for president in 2020 voted against a bill requiring physicians to save babies born from failed abortions. This means that the Democratic Party is actually advocating for the death of babies even after birth.

The divide in our country is growing every day. You either value life, or you don’t.


The Democratic platform will include killing babies AFTER birth: ‘Infanticide.’
Democrat senators running for president in 2020 all voted for infanticide

SB195 is a  COP OUT and does NOTHING to end abortion TODAY.
Panel advances abortion bill over objections from both side of the issue

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