Faulty Pro-LIFE Narrative


Faulty Pro-LIFE Narrative - Zach Drew Show

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The Pro-life narrative in America is a Christ-less narrative. It is not a gospel centered narrative.

Evangelicals and other Christian fundamentalist would like to end abortion completely, therefore, they identify as pro-life. Now, their argument IS Christ centered. But the DC narrative isn’t anywhere close.

I am pro-life. But those that control the pro-life INDUSTRY are not pro-life. Their goal is not to ultimately end abortion now, but to regulate it.

The pro-life industry leaders are primarily Roman Catholic: viewing Abortion through a moral lens rather than a gospel centered lens.

After analyzing President Donald Trump’s statements from his State of the Union address, it would seem he is also more interested in measures regulating abortion instead of abolishing it.


You need to take action as soon as possible! A bill called SB13 is being proposed in the state of Oklahoma that will literally abolish and criminalize abortion, and we have to make sure this bill is heard.

State Senator Jason Smalley determines what bills are heard on the floor. Smalley is not opposed to bill SB13, but is not confident that it will have public support. He needs to hear from you!

It Doesn’t matter what state you live in. All you have to do is send an email to Senator Jason Smalley at this address:


Make sure the subject of the email says “Please hear SB13 immediately.” Write a body begging for justice for the unborn and hit send.

If this bill passes, it will start a brush-fire of legislation that could lead to the banning of abortion in many more states. We need to make our voices heard today.

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