Important Update & Message to the Church


Important Update & Message to the Church - Zach Drew Show

Episode Description:

God is sovereign and the eternal victory belongs to Him, and to all who believe in His son. Though the world may be growing darker in these last days, take heart because Jesus has overcome the world! This is the hope that we have, even in the midst of uncertain times.

On today’s show, we will be sharing an important update on President Trump’s remaining options for the 2020 election. Will the election be overturned in the courts? What is the insurrection act, and what could it allow the president to do?

We will be answering these questions, as well as giving you an update on our fundraiser, and delivering a powerful message to the body of Christ.

This is not the time for the Church to be discouraged and hopeless! It is time for us to stand even more firm in our faith, setting our eyes on the eternal hope we have in our savior, Jesus Christ.

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