Shocking Interview with author Michael Snyder


Episode Description:

In today’s episode, Zach welcomes Michael Snyder to the show to talk about several prophetic topics hitting the world right now.

Topic 1: There is a huge prophetic word about Hurricane Hilary that has been largely overlooked that could signal that “the big one” is coming to California soon!

Topic 2: The prophetic significance of the upcoming eclipses and what it means for average Americans today.

Topic 3 War is on the horizon! China may soon invade Taiwan, and what happens if the U.S. becomes involved? Decades ago, Dumertru Duduman said God told him that when the U.S. goes to war with China, Russia will enact a nuclear strike on the U.S. without warning.

Also, as a bonus question, Zach asked Michael Snyder how to prepare our finances to prepare for the coming stock market crash. But, that extra content will only be available to members of The Paul Revere Club via our monthly newsletter, The Paul Revere Report. So make sure to go to and sign up today!

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