New Age in YOUR Church? Is that a spirit or the Holy Spirit?


New Age in YOUR Church? Is that a spirit or the Holy Spirit? - Zach Drew Show

Episode Description:

Why is it that it seems New Age beliefs are more pervasive in evangelical charismatic circles rather than other denominations? I am not here to bash evangelicals. I am one. I am a conservative Charismatic Evangelical, but I see a lot of very troubling trends within our denominations.

Whenever you elevate signs and wonders and the spirit moving in your congregations OVER the priority of salvation and the cross I believe you are MORE susceptible to deceiving spirits entering your congregations. Why? Because you are out of the divine order that Jesus illustrated in the scripture. It was about the gospel being preached and signs and wonders following to affirm that Jesus is who he says He is. It wasn’t just about signs and wonders.

What We Believe

We at IGBY and ‘The Zach Drew Show’ are firm believers that God still moves through signs and wonders, through miracles, healing, and prophetic words.

The Word says in 1 Thessalonians 5:19-21, “Do not quench the Spirit. Do not despise prophecies. Test all things; hold fast what is good.”

The Charismatic church has done the first two well, but how about the third? Have we lost our discernment?

When these demonic spirits go unchecked, guess where they go? Nowhere! They stay where they are welcomed, whether knowingly or unknowingly. That is why so many of our churches are being affected by New Age beliefs.

New Age Infiltration

We now treat our prophets in the church like palm readers, “Come to the service and everyone gets a word.” We now have ministries like ‘Christ Alignment’ —A ministry that uses Christian ‘Tarot cards’ to reach youth at EDM festivals by giving them a ‘reading’. Say what?! Or how about the thousands of Christians that are now practicing ‘Christian yoga’ to get closer to God? Many are actually practicing it within YOUR church during the week.

Like I said earlier when the spirits go unchecked and signs and wonders are elevated to a higher position than the cross I believe you are MORE susceptible to deceiving spirits entering your congregations.

Let us repent of NOT making the main thing the main thing. And that is Jesus!

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