Oregon & Washington Spying on Newborn Babies at Home


Spying On Newborns

Episode Description:

Washington and Oregon look to pass a bill to legally spy on your newborn babies at home. This isn’t a future look into an Orwellian, Big Brother, Dystopian future. This is happening now! Stand up and speak out against this clear overreach of the government!

This extreme monitoring is actually connected to the government’s attack on homeschooling, and the global agenda of Bill Gates and the U.N. to create “future globalists”: kids who must not focus on themselves and their interests – or even the interests of their own country, but on being good globalist citizens.

The big tech companies of “the frightful 5” and the government are destined to be married, and the collection of your data will be centralized to give them power over every aspect of your life.

This is all just another step towards the one world government of the end times. The system of the beast will be established as “god”, knowing all things through the collection of your data, even numbering “the hairs on your head” and commanding you to obey it’s perverted moralism.

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