The Purge, the Holocaust & Apostasy in the Church


The Purge, the Holocaust & Apostasy in the Church - Zach Drew Show

Episode Description:

The purge has begun. Are we in the final window, the time of sorrows before Christ returns?

In America today we are seeing the slippery slope of censorship and propaganda that eerily resembles Germany in 1933, 8 years before World War II began, which led to tens of millions of lives being brutally ended, including the infamous horrors of the Holocaust.

In that day, the apostate German Church adopted the evils of Aryanism, and emerged relatively unscathed. But the true Church — the Confessing Church — was persecuted, the inevitable fate scripture promises for those who love Christ and hold fast to the truth of the gospel.

This will be the fate of the true Christian Church in the last days. What will be your fate?

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