They Are Going After Your Consciousness


They Are Going After Your Consciousness - Zach Drew Show

Episode Description:

Denver has become the first major American city to decriminalize another controlled substance, after 21 states, including Colorado, either decriminalized, legalized, or allowed small amounts of marijuana.

On Thursday, May 16, the city’s psychedelic mushroom initiative, which decriminalizes growth, possession, and consumption of psilocybin, magic mushrooms, officially kicked in.

There is a WAR taking place right now for your ‘consciousness’ and the battles are being won for the wrong side at an alarming rate!
We are going to be talking about this AND what just took place in Alabama with new abortion laws and what to expect next on today’s show.
The New argument for psychedelics: “Sovereignty over Consciousness”
* Who can and can’t tell you what you can do with your own consciousness?
* Can the government control what you are doing with your mind in the privacy of your own home?
* Your body doesn’t belong to the government
* Your body, your mind are YOUR private property