Zach Drew: My Untold Journey to the Demonic Realm


Zach Drew: My Untold Journey to the Demonic Realm - Zach Drew Show

Episode Description:

Zach shares a rarely heard side of his testimony.

Here is a small excerpt from the show.

It is time that I share the untold side of my testimony, where I left reality and spoke to a demonic entity in outer space that deceived me about eternity, heaven and the true things of God.

YOUR testimony is SO powerful: what the Lord has saved you from, and how you came to know the Lord.

I’ve never shared a certain part of my testimony, as I will today on TV, simply because it was so radical, so demonic, so deceiving, so ‘out of this world’ that I was always too scared to talk about it. I thought that if I did, people would judge me too harshly.

When I first got saved, I shared this story with several people. There came a point in my life, however, when I felt my position was too ‘recognized’ to share something so ‘crazy.’ I was the co-host of an internationally syndicated Christian program; a place where every word is judged, scrutinized and picked apart because there are SO many trolls on the internet who watch it. I didn’t want to say anything so radical that it would destroy my own credibility or the credibility of those around me.

BUT I NOW BELIEVE that was all a lie! There is only one person that didn’t want me telling that side of the story, and it was the adversary of our souls: the enemy, Satan.

I believe it was the enemy feeding me those lies. He knew that if I told the WHOLE story, it would ultimately expose him.

Once I tell this story, it will be clear why I have been talking DMT so much.

Millions of Millennials are taking DMT each year in America ALONE and having similar experiences. These experiences are COMPLETELY changing their worldview. There are many things you could call it, but their new worldview, after these experiences, is very ‘new age’… very ‘eastern religion’ – love, energy, reincarnation, astrology, VIBRATIONS, the ‘christ consciousness’, we can all be right and have our own truths, all we have is our ‘experiences.’

I am praying my testimony will lead others to JESUS!

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